Evergrowing Technological Tree- An Art Or Blunder

It all started when there was the invention of the “WHEEL”(3200-3500 BC). Pre-Historic men used the wheel to carry the products from one place to the other. As someone said “NEED IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION”. And so there was the big bang.Not in this universe but in the mind’s of the people. It was as if someone took the pills to reduce the effort to do work manually. For me what I consider is that invention is a way by which one can be a little more lazy. But I am more surprised when I look at things around me.Starting from the morning schedule-I use toothpaste,which was invented in the year 3000Bc. Toothbrush, I don’t know(honestly 🙂 ). The toilet was invented in the year 1500, the paper(u know what i mean) was invented in the year 105AD and so on(I hate history:-P) From long back the minds of some of the chosen one’s were working for the comfort of the upcoming generations to lead a comfortable and enjoyable life. Some of the great men who lived on earth inventing some of the worlds magnificent inventions are not remembered to this day,while we continue taking the advantage of using there technology day by day,everyday. By technology what I mean is not only science but in science comes the art as well. Everybody is so much indulged in there own life that they tend to forget the importance of life in terms of science. Every time we are using the science in every walk of our life and still we do not understand the nature of it. Now a days the technology has advanced to such a giant leap that everyone tries to cope up with it. Every industry now a days are looking for professionals who are flexible with the computers and its technology. What I consider that nothing in this world has 100% positive points,it is distributed either equally or partially and we need to judge them on there weightage . For example,with the increase in the usability of database usage in the industries many people try to hack into there systems and try to collect the important and confidential data without there prior permission and as a result your identity is opened to the whole world. Now here comes the usability of the internet. “WWW” the three letters dominating the whole world means “World Wide Web”.For me what I think “WWW” stands for

“W”-Who you are

“W”-What information you share

“W”-Where are you

Damn! It really scares me when I come to know that I even share some of my personal details in the database in some of the world famous databases. There has been many instances which had happened in the worl,for example-the bank with which you share your personal information, may be hacked sometime by some tech savvy guy leading into disaster by getting into that bank’s database and uploading the credit details and might use it for his own purpose.

But thanks to the “EVERGROWING TECHNOLOGICAL TREE” which is always trying to cope up with this kind of a cyber theft and helping to keep your information secured and safe from those culprit hands. As it can be sorted out over here that advancement in not only happening in these fields but also in the fields of various other resources. “Man” is itself the creator and itself the destroyer. Letting himself fall into those situations lets him think some more about the solution for that problem. If there is a hacker,there is the solution for it as well. Either ways you are implementing your brain(your gray matter) put into work. The end result-more and more complex thinkings.

I still am in a confusing state of mind as to when would be there the “saturation”point for all this technological advancement. When I ask this question to some of my tech savvy friends, they often tell me that we are still in a premature state of scientific age and development has still a long way to go.

What I think is that the more we use the technology the more we become mechanized, and start implementing that into our lives as well. If you look carefully around you(if you are staying in one of the metropolitan cities, you will find that people don’t have that kind of a mentality of give that much of time to there friends nor to there family as well. They are always busy thinking about the next step they are going to make(which is good to some extent but not on the sake of there own loved ones) and spread this information to the coming generations as well.

Earlier,when we didn’t had the facility of the internet,mails were being sent out to there loved ones. The recipient used to wait for that letter and that used to increase there love and bonding,but recent use of internet has,kind of sucked that love from everyone of us who uses E-mails to send some information around the globe.No need to wait for a long time. Just a click of a button and your message is being sent to the desired person.

Inventions of major bombs like nuclear bombs has definitely strengthen the country’s security but there also lies the your own life’s security as to when that bomb could be used no one knows but we do know that it will be used and when used that day will be the final day of human kind or era on this planet earth.

But what I think is that in everything there is an art. I will be sharing some of the pictures with you which shows us that even science has a beautiful picture. Please click on Pictures and Video for some cool pictures of the science with art relationship.